•   Incredible Organizing Support
  •   Ability to fundraise as a non-profit org w/tax exempt
  • status
  •   Potential for Club to receive funds from the
  • CADEM for registering voters
  •   Power to recommend endorsements of local
  • progressive candidates and ballot initiatives
  • to the Club
  •   As members of a chartered Dem Club, we
  • have the potential opportunity to send
  • representatives to the Los Angeles County
  • Democratic Endorsement Conference (i.e. get LA
  • County to endorse Bernie and other progressive
  • candidates)
  •   Keep you connected with Bernie Campaign, events,
  • actions!
  •   Turn-Key volunteer opportunities - Join in on club’s
  • campaign actions and events for Bernie and other
  • progressives.
  •   The opportunity to meet and campaign for Bernie
  • with amazing people.
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Feel The Bern San Fernando Valley

Our Video

Feel The Bern San Fernando Valley

Our Mission

By all of our endeavors, we shall seek to grow the community involvement in the Democratic Party

by driving the values inherent to a party of the people.


We will inspire and foster leadership among progressives in Los Angeles County/SFV based

on the values championed by Senator Bernie Sanders: